Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Real Bride feature: Leila

Hello blog readers! I have a lovely wedding to share with you today. Leila so graciously emailed us with photos and a description of her wedding. I thought her message was so lovely I'll just include it here for you to see. Enjoy!

"...Thank you so much! Despite all the hullabaloo of pre-wedding preparations, not to mention all the weather warnings of showers for that day, we all had a wonderful time, with lots of music, dancing, food, and laughter. As soon as the clouds cleared for our outdoor ceremony, we knew it was a sign for the rest of the night. My extensive family made up the majority of the guests and had great fun mixing with my husband's family who came in from out of town to enjoy our customs and general folly (I'm originally Iranian). I'm happy to say everyone had a great time, but most of all me and Paul. And again, thank you for creating such a lovely veil, retro yet modern, elegant and fun!..."

Leila is totally rocking our Laura Birdcage veil from the CastleBride Haute Couture collection. Isn't it a stunning look!

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