Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monachetti Video Magic

For all you brides out there who really want to get your big day video.... Check out Justine Ungaro's wedding filmed by the guys over at Monachetti.

Finally a fantatic video without the cheeze factor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please don't settle for the over the top... cheezy cheezy video. We have all seen the videos that look like a bad soap opera, and your bright eyed girl friend who is gushing over her uber-romantic slowmotion tears on film.
Well..... those days are over.
Let me introduce you to the fabulous team of Monachetti.
Michael Eller and Andrew Bowser

If you have been with us for very long, you all are familiar with our friend Justine Ungaro, writer of "The Unbride" blog, and photographer extrordinaire. It only seemed fitting that we include her video as a sample of Monachetti for you all. Good news girls! They travel worldwide, so no matter where you are having your fabulous shindig, these guys will be there!

For more fabulous videos head on over to Monachetti.com

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Real Bride Stephanie and her new hubby Ulises

Better late than never, but still very late (so sorry stephanie!) We introduce to you Real bride Stephanie and her hubby Ulises. The fantastic team at Perez Photography took the following shots that we have shared with you.
Stephanie and Ulises exchanged their vows at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Dallas.
We love these simple yet dramatic details.

Dramatic lighting by Lite Dallas created the perfect mood for a rocking reception. Perfectly lit monograms decorated the dance floor.
The W hotel in Dallas was an incredible reception location!
What a cute little getaway outfit! We LOVE.

The day after they met met up with Perez Photography again to capture some of the cutest shots we've ever seen. Such JOY!

Rather than wearing a birdcage veil, Stephanie custom designed a hairpiece with french netting, and an ivory feathered flower for a very nice vintage look.
How cute is this red ruffled bolero jacket!
A big thanks to Perez Photography and DallasBride.wordpress.com who put together a very cool posting with details from this wedding. (pictures originally found on these sites)

CastleBride Couture in Brides Southern California Magazine

A look back... at Jackie rocking a bridcage veil in her June 08 weddingA few months ago, CastleBride Couture was featured in Brides Southern California Magazine. We got to meet up withHeather Lee, the very sweet editor for Brides Southern California Magazine.

"...So a traditional veil isn't your thing. Fair enough. But do consider our new favorite option for prettyfying your updo: handmade blusher and birdcage veils from CastleBride Couture...now offers
more than two dozen different takes on the "shorty" style. Often embellished with crystal brooches,
diamonds, feathers and dupioni silk flowers...
-Heather Lee, Brides Mag. So. Cal

Featured in this issue of the magazine is a photo of Jackie and Nelson in their So Cal wedding this past June. Jackie rocked one of our birdcage veils from the Haute Couture collection. We thought we'd better share the photos with you all. So Enjoy!
Jackie is pictured, wearing the Catherine birdcage veil from CastleBride Couture.
The Catherine, birdcage veil (pictured) is from the Haute Couture Collection.

Photos courtesy of Kiss The Bride Photography

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Featured bride: Danielle Joyce and her fabulous birdcage veil

Meet our featured bride, the beautiful Danielle Joyce

The Venue
The ceremony was held at the Parkstead House in London on December 20, 2009.

Her style
Danielle wore and ivory strapless gown and a fur over her right shoulder. Her wedding gown was accented with a bow on the back, and in a very sweet touch, her bridesmaids gown had a very cute coordinating bow on the front.
Her birdcage veil
Danielle chose to wear the Daisy birdcage veil from the Haute Couture bridal collection. The sparkling diamond brooch on her birdcage veil was a beautiful accent to her wedding. You must must check out her fabulous shoes below!

Show me more pics!
To see a full gallery of her fabulous wedding photos go to her gallery
Some of our favorites are posted below.
Danielle chose famed wedding photographer David Pullum to capture her wedding. View his blog entry for this event here
A very good vendor choice indeed. The photos are fabulous. Enjoy!

All photos taken by David Pullum