Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Katherine Heigle's wedding

Ahh, America's sweetheart is all the much sweeter. Married at Christmas, she was in true vintage fashion. A mermaid dress and a birdcage veil. Thanks to her, the demand for my veils has gone way up. Thank you Katherine Heigle.

A trip to the Philippines

My trip to the Philppines was a few months ago, but I finally downloaded the photos and cropped out all the nonsense. It was a great trip, a little long (4 weeks is a long long time to be away from the hubby). The husband and the puppies survived, so I guess that means it was worth it.
The short story is that I was doing a study of the Health Information System (HIS) used in the Barangay health units. (Unless you are into public health measures and know a bit about the Philippines, you are totally lost). Here are some pictures from the vacation part of my trip.

This is the smallest horse I've ever ridden (also the scariest saddle)

So, yeah... this is me trying to balance on a raft I found in this crater lake.

So, we hiked a very long way up a old volcano, and wouldn't you know.. the top was full of rainwater. Its "fresh" but my skin was stained orange... hmmm.
Probably not that Fresh after all.

Now this is a real hike. I mean true bushwhacking.
I checked myself very carefully for leaches afterwards.