Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meet fabulous Belinda,

Meet the fabulous Belinda K and her new hubby Scott. We wanted to share with you some fabulous photos of her vintage inspired wedding taken by duke photography. Thanks to who put together the photo collages. We wanted to share with our readers some incredible wedding inspiration photos.
Wedding Date: February 21, 2009
Photographer: Duke Images
Venue: Union Station, Downtown Los Angeles
Catering: Open Sesame Grill
Hair: Marisa McPhederain
Makeup: Lucy Der-Tawitian
Gown: Ines DiSanto from Jobyna’s Bridal
Veil: Castle Bride Couture
Groom Attire: GH Inc.Floral: Shirvan Design
DJ: Sevag Toujian
Live Jazz Band: Lorenzo Grassi
Cake Topper: Yuyu Art
Favors (hand-made luggage tags): Swallow Song Designs

Be sure to check out the Video of Belinda and Scott's wedding by Monachetti: HERE

And of course, here is her remarkable custom veil complete with ostrich feathers, and a pink and gold ostrich brooch. Belinda had this custom designed to wear with her incredible Ines di Santo gown.
Heres to some very unique wedding flowers. Finally a girl who dares to be different. We LOVE!
There are a few girls out there who are not only beautiful, but incredibly sweet and fun to work with. Here is Belinda looking fab! I had the pleasure of meeting Belinda when she styled a photo shoot for our spring line. We had a great time, her creativity and inspiration know no bounds. Her wedding is a testament to that!

what a reception party!
Perhaps my favorite shot of all. Taking off into the sunset. All smiles and the incredible lighting setting it off.


akaske said...

Hi Kirstin,

I'm really enjoying reading your blog, and I wanted to share the following post with you. I work with and Jaime from It's A Jaime thing did a guest post about your fishnet veil piece recently. I believe it's the same one in this post, only in black? I just wanted to share, and I hope you enjoy!


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Burbank Salon said...

Beautiful bride hair....So very pretty...