Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monachetti Video Magic

For all you brides out there who really want to get your big day video.... Check out Justine Ungaro's wedding filmed by the guys over at Monachetti.

Finally a fantatic video without the cheeze factor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please don't settle for the over the top... cheezy cheezy video. We have all seen the videos that look like a bad soap opera, and your bright eyed girl friend who is gushing over her uber-romantic slowmotion tears on film.
Well..... those days are over.
Let me introduce you to the fabulous team of Monachetti.
Michael Eller and Andrew Bowser

If you have been with us for very long, you all are familiar with our friend Justine Ungaro, writer of "The Unbride" blog, and photographer extrordinaire. It only seemed fitting that we include her video as a sample of Monachetti for you all. Good news girls! They travel worldwide, so no matter where you are having your fabulous shindig, these guys will be there!

For more fabulous videos head on over to Monachetti.com

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Allie said...

I love these guys! Thanks for telling us about them!